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e-Commerce business specializing in therapy products for pain relief

e-Commerce startup specializing in innovative therapy for pain relief products

A leading startup offering direct-to-consumer brand specializing in innovative hot and cold therapy products designed to provide quick and effective pain relief.

Company operates with a lean and efficient organizational structure that maximizes productivity and agility. Marketing and sales strategy is a cornerstone of our success and a key driver of business scalability. Primary marketing channel is Facebook ads, which have proven to be highly effective in driving traffic and sales. Leveraging on User-Generated Content (UGC) marketing efforts, where satisfied customers create authentic and engaging content about the products. This compnay approach has builds trust and credibility and it generates a steady stream of relatable and persuasive ad creatives.

Company has a very good potential of futue growth as it is well-positioned to expand more products in related domain. As it has a in-depth understanding of customer needs and preferences which allows to add and introduce new products that align with market demands

Strong financial performance, including $600,000 in revenue and $200,000 in net profit over the last 12 months, have demonstrated the ability to deliver value to its customers and stakeholders.

Company marketing strategy, driven by effective use of social media ads and user-generated content, has enabled to build a loyal customer base of over 10,000 satisfied users. This solid foundation provides a significant springboard for future growth and scalability.

Efficient fulfilment process ensures that orders are processed and shipped quickly, resulting in high customer satisfaction and repeat business. Have established relationships with reliable shipping partners to guarantee fast and accurate deliveries.

Maintains optimal stock levels to meet demand without overstocking, reducing storage costs and minimizing the risk of obsolescence.


Seller comes from general background, started this business mroe as a passion than profession.

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Decided to pass to someone who can take it to next level and capitalise the potential growth.


No previous experience required. Full training and support will be provided.

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Seller is willing to consider.

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